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17th All India Inter School & Senior Karate Championship (Federation Cup)

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Happy to Announce of our Global Presence

GSSKF HQ is happy to announce that now we have a global branch around the world.
We have a foot step at Bangladesh,South Africa and Brazil.

Letter from President, Karate South Africa, Technical Member-WKF

Winners never quit and Quitters never win..!!! Thank you Sonny Pillai Hanshi for your generous mail and support that you have extended towards me.
True hearted people are even supported by Lord Almighty and that is the sole reason why I got the success in this huge step of my life as I know how much I love my karate and passionate about the same.
The haters would be all the more jealous to see all of my well-wishers extending note of appreciation as they had thought that their cheap act will perish Premjit , but even after spending a generation time with me, couldn’t decipher the True side of me!!! They will now understand that I am self made man who doesn’t withdraw from hard work as my ancestors had taught me that – He will always evolve as a Winner who will dare to fight his Battles maintaining truth in his heart!

Letter from Commonwealth Karate Federation

This is happy to announce that Commonwealth Karate Federation congratulates on formation of new Karate organisation named Global Seishinkai Shito Ryu Karate-Do Federation.