Kickboxing goes beyond fitness. One can burn as many calories if not more than a fitness session and then gain a lot more- confidence, the ability to fight and the warrior spirit. Kickboxing is a striking art that involves kicks and punches. Developed from Karate and Boxing, it is one of the most practical applications of martial arts. 

Unlike a regular fitness session, kickboxing also involves sparring with fitness modes like high-intensity training, endurance and bodyweight training. In a sparring session, one is continuously thinking about the opponent’s and their moves. The mind burns more calories than the body does. In the process, we also generate many new neurons and make our minds shaper every time.

According to Harvard Health, a 56-kg person will burn 300 calories in 30 minutes of straight kickboxing, whereas a person who weighs 83-kg will burn 444 calories in the same session. As mentioned above, sparring sessions burn even more calories than non-sparring kickboxing workouts. A sparring session burns more than 1000 calories for an average person.

Not everyone does kickboxing for competitive sports. Staying fit and learning the ability to protect self if the need arises are the key goals. Kickboxing is also one of the safest sports as the sparrings are in a controlled environment, protective equipment to ensure safety. Those who want to become professional fighters train separately and often go hard at each other.

One needs a good environment and top-class coaching to develop kickboxing skills. Several kickboxing institutes are coming up across India. Today, Kickboxing Bengal has one of the best infrastructure and a world-class coach in Hanshi Premjit Sen.

Hanshi Premjit Sen is an 8th Dan Black Belt from Seishinkai Shito Ryu from Japan, president of Karate-Do Association of Bengal and awarded as the Awarded Best Instructor from I.S.K.A, Australia.

Dedicated to the development of martial arts in Bengal, Hanshi Premjit Sen has taken up the advancement of Kickboxing in Bengal. Kickboxing is a modern sport, not bounded by traditional aspects like uniforms and styles of the traditional martial arts, making it universal. Kickboxing is thus accepted widely by adults and kids alike. 

Are you looking for Kickboxing Bengal as the way to getting fighting fit? Look no further than training with Hanshi Premjit Sen at Premjit Sen Karate and Kickboxing School in Kolkata. Hanshi Premjit Sen is also available for workshops and affiliations across the country.